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Haunted Rose Gentle Body Cleanser

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Enriched with biotechnology-derived ingredients and formulated with all skin types in mind, this Body Cleanser keeps your skin feeling clean and revitalized – without feeling stripped. Your skin stays supple and rejuvenated, while maintaining moisture for a softer, plumper feel. 

Scented with a divine, sultry fragrance derived from extinct flower DNA to unlock the sensual side of science. 


HOW TO USE: Apply daily all over the body, massaging in to create a rich foam. Rinse well.

Extinct flower

We combined the intelligence of DNA sequencing and the imagination of the world's best perfumers to give new life to the extinct Macrostylis villosa subspecies 1 + 2, a small aromatic shrub with needle-like leaves that once produced clusters of white flowers for long periods of the year throughout South Africa.

origin flower

Macrostylis villosa subspecies 1 + 2

Historial notes

  • Last recorded in 1960 in South Africa Extinct by Urbanization. Scent surrected 10.31.2017.
Haunted rose body cleanser model with suds on arm


99% of consumers tested felt the product gently cleanses skin

98% of consumers tested felt the product does not dry out the skin

97% of consumers tested felt the product leaves skin feeling soft

97% of consumers tested felt the product made their skin feel clean