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Experience the World’s First
Scent Surrection

The missing layer to your fragrance.

Optimal Habitat: The foundational layer for fragrance, creating the ideal environment for scents to thrive up to 24 hours.

Imagine the Fragrance of an Extinct Flower...

It’s as intoxicating as it is indescribable. A scent you can never place, because it can no longer be smelled.

After sequencing the DNA of extinct flower samples from Harvard Herbarium, we collaborated with the world’s most renowned perfumers to bring these lost blooms new life– creating singular scents that can only be made through biology. 

Our Next Frontier

At Future Society, we’re explorers who study the divine spiral dance of DNA strands and chart a new path for what biology can do.

We began our invention with fragrance — but we’re set to explore other categories in beauty and beyond as we use science to fill gaps, solve what still perplexes us, and formulate the next frontier sustainably.

We Can Invent Our Tomorrow


Future society models standing in green backyard oasis

We are Future Society

We exist to unlock new possibilities for the beauty industry, leveraging biology to create transformational products that are better for people and the earth  and inspiring others to take their own transformational actions alongside us.

Uplifted by an optimistic outlook, grounded by pragmatic problem-solving, inspired by boundless creativity. and fueled by our belief in the best of humanity — we‘re building a more reciprocal world. 

The future is already here.  All are welcome to bring it to life.