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Solar Canopy Hydrating Body Cream

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8 fl oz / 236 mL

This formulation is powered by skin-barrier fortifying, moisturizing ingredients made possible through biotechnology. Formulated with all skin types in mind, this Body Cream is quick-absorbing to protect, hydrate, plump, and smooth for a healthy and soft appearance you can see and feel – revealing your most pampered and glowing skin yet. 

Scented with a joyful, luminous fragrance derived from extinct flower DNA to transform your routine into a ritual of renewal. 


HOW TO USE:  Apply on clean skin all over the body.

Extinct flower

We used powerful biotechnology to sequence a DNA sample of Hibiscadelphus wilderianus, a Hawaiian endemic species that once covered the Southern Slope of Haleakala but was last observed in 1912.

origin flower

Hibiscadelphus wilderianus

Historial notes

  • Last recorded in 1912 on the Hawaiian Southern Slope. Extinct by Deforestation. Scent surrected 10.31.2017.
Solar Canopy cream on models shoulder with bottle


100% of consumers tested felt the product leaves the skin feeling soft

99% of consumers tested felt the product made their skin feel smooth

99% of consumers tested felt the product moisturized their skin

98% of consumers tested felt the product made their skin feel healthy